Monday, July 27, 2015

Where Does Your Worry End?

It is so scary to be stretched outside of our comfort zone, but growth won't happen unless we do. True statement.  As I was preparing for my black belt test, I was terrified I wouldn't pass.  It was a lot of work and time put into it.  If I didn't pass, I'm sure I would have felt rotten about it.  The really cool and amazing part of growing, is that God meets us where we're at and equips us completely for what He calls us to do.  

It's no secret that I am growing and building my color & inspiration consulting business.  I've been working on it for quite some time now and there's been a lot of growing that I personally had to do to get this business growing.  Last week I received a message from a person interested in utilizing my services for a big project.  Not a big project, but a huge project--bigger than I've ever done.  I was excited just to have the opportunity to get to talk with the person about it.  He was upfront and told me he couldn't promise anything, but he wanted to talk.  We met at the site.  He gave me very broad strokes about things he would like to see in the final results, but didn't have a whole lot of specifics. Cool!  He is trusting me to create my own vision of this space.

What happened after the appointment is not like me at all.  I was without a direction.  It's not that I was nervous.  I really wasn't.  I just couldn't see where I wanted it to go.  I'm an idea person.  That's what I do.  But God is good!  I texted my small group friends and asked for prayer.  The first response I got back tells the whole story,
"Congrats, Jennille!  God will equip you absolutely!"
And He did.  He gave me a vision for something so cool and amazing!  I'm so excited about it that I get completely forklempt talking about it.  Then God continued to bless me.  We went to church this morning, like we always do.  Our pastor has been preaching through the book of Judges in the Old Testament.  He was off this morning and we had a lay pastor speaking.  He happens to be a good friend of ours, but he had no idea about my dilemma.  He continued in the series and spoke about Gideon, whom the Lord called a mighty man of valor...even though he was from the weakest clan from the least tribe and he was the least of his family.  Gideon was not someone that the world would have chosen to lead, but God did.  (Edit: here's the link to the sermon, if you'd like to check it out for yourself.)

 Worry ends where faith in God begins

While I often feel ill prepared to do what God has called me to do, God will equip me with everything I need.  It may be He has given me these ideas to make this space amazing and awesome, or it may be that He has given me an amazing support group because I won't get it.  I don't know.  It's not in my hands beyond presenting the ideas I believe He has given me.  Here's what I do know for sure: I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

Have you ever had an idea that you knew was from God?  Did you present it as such?  Please comment below.

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