Meet Me

Welcome to Jen's Walls Talk!  I am Jennille* Spellman.  I am a wife to an amazingly supportive husband, mom to two fantastic kids, as well as being a karate kicking, cross-fitting, blog writing, business woman.  My spin on this whole life thing is to bring glory to God in all that I do.  I mess up plenty, so I'm all about grace, too.

My Superhero Identity...
This is what I want to show the world.  I want to share my gifts of color & inspiration.  One medium I use to do that is Uppercase Living, as an independent demonstrator.  That business grew into what is now Jen's Walls Talk, LLC.  I now offer color consulting, vinyl expressions, faux finishing, and decorative project management.

Along my wall talking journey, I have had fun helping my clients personalize their homes, businesses, and churches with just the right colors, vinyl expressions, and total makeover.  This blog is me taking the opportunity to highlight some of my favorite inspired expressions and to chat about why I love them.  You'll often hear my perspective through the filters that I live of karate, CrossFit and mommy-ing.

My Mild Mannered Alter-ego...
During the day, I currently am employed as an optician at a local eye care clinic.  While you wouldn't think this is especially related to my superhero identity, the skills overlap in a lot of ways.  Everyday, people come to see me to find the glasses they will wear for the next year or two (or ten!).  I get to help them find the frame that fits them and their style--which may not necessarily be the one I'd wear or choose for them.  My skills lie in the area of helping you find what you want that will help you express who you are and inspire you to be the best person as God has gifted you to be.

I'm glad to have you come along this journey with me.  I love to hear your thoughts on my posts. There are plenty of opportunities to stop by as I post 2 times each week.  You can also pop over to my expressions website 24 hours/day to get your own expressions.

Here's to living a life inspired!

*My name is pronounced Jen-eel.  It's not Jan-el.  I've only ever met one other Jennille and it was not spelled the same, so I wanted to clarify.  I like my name, but it even took me about 6 years of my life before I could say it correctly!:)

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