Friday, July 17, 2015

Rippled Leadership

We all have an effect on those around us...whether we want to or not. It's a ripple effect. I can tell when it happens because one of my friends will say,

"Jennille you will be so proud of me. I did _______!" 

For example, yesterday at work, two of the other girls wore "Jennille outfits"...which boils down to a dress with cowgirl boots.  (It's kinda my thing.  What can I say?) Now I don't know if I am just so opinionated that I tell everybody how they should be living their lives, or if what I am doing is just rubbing off. I like to think I have some sort of people skills and it's the latter, but that may not be as accurate as I'd like to think.

I've heard John Maxwell say that leadership is influencing people.  It's a little bit scary to be a leader. I am so far from being perfect that I don't think anyone should do anything like I do. I almost feel a little responsible for other people.  I know that is flawed thinking for several reasons.  First, I'm not responsible for what other people do.  I can only be responsible for what I do. (Now that seems to be a lost character trait these days!) Second, just by being around people, we will influence them for good or bad.

 UL Mustard Seed & Terracotta

Here's my list of things that seem to be very Jennille-ish to anyone that is around me for any length of time:

*I'm a big fan of Dave Ramsey.  (Remember my post from a few days ago?  This girl is passionate about money and Dave gives me concrete steps to work with!  Whoo hoo!  Go ultra nerd!)

*Crossfit. (The first rule of crossfit is the opposite of fight always talk about crossfit.)

*Eating healthy. ( I guess people figure if you're not overweight by the time you're 40, then you must know something about eating right.)

*That God thing. (It's not a secret I go to church and have a small group of amazing believers that I fellowship with.  Don't expect me to be perfect, because I'm not.  I'm living by grace!)

*Decorating. (I don't know everything here, either.  But I have a good eye for it, and with some practice--and lots of play--I've gotten good at it...and I'm not afraid to tell you my two cents.)

Those are 5 areas that people ask me about quite frequently.  Often, it's people that I think should know more than I do, but we won't tell now will we? (wink, wink.) If I don't know the answer, I'll find it. Maybe that's why people ask me things.  Maybe I talk like I know what I'm talking about. Who knows?  Either way, I see little Jennille-isms pop up around me and it kind of freaks me out...and makes me proud at the same time.  I'm living my life.  I hope it encourages and inspires you along the way.

What do you do that you see ripple in those around you?  Please comment below.

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