Wednesday, July 29, 2015

It's Okay to Move On

I attended my 20th high school reunion last weekend.  Well, I went to 2 of the 4 arranged events, anyway.  I had a great time!  Through God's grace we ended up sitting with a classmate and her husband that we really clicked with.  I feel like it could have been awkward and uncomfortable, but it was fantastic.  Really!

The first night was an easy, casual event at a local restaurant owned by one of our classmates.  The second event was a family picnic in the park. The third event was a more formal dinner at a different restaurant and finishing up with a farewell breakfast on Sunday morning.  As I said before, we attended 2 events. I enjoyed the company at both. It was fantastic to catch up with people that I had at one point so long ago attend so much of my time with...but I'm not there anymore--and that's okay.

There's probably a reason that most of us haven't kept in touch. Some of us don't have much in common anymore.  Some of us didn't have much in common 20 years ago either.  That's okay, too.  Sometimes those people we don't have much in common with can still love us and teach us valuable lessons--even if it's but-for-the-grace-of-God-there-go-I.

I'm blessed to have the amazing husband I do.  I'm blessed to have the beautiful children I do.  Every now and again we need a gentle reminder of who we used to be to see how far we've come.

 UL hot cocoa & rosemary tea

I'm thankful I went. I'm thankful for the relationships that were rekindled. I'm also thankful it's over for now.  It's time, once again, too look forward to the amazing plans God has for me...plans for hope and a future.

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