Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Money Matters

I'm passionate about money.  Some might say I'm a nerd.  In fact, I would tell you that, too.  I didn't realize how much of a nerd I was until I took a quiz in the Financial Peace University course by Dave Ramsey...when I scored as an ULTRA nerd.  That's pretty nerdy, friends.  While you'd think it would be totally helpful to have an ultra nerd for a wife, I'm sure it can get a bit on the annoying side of things.

 UL wedding expression

My wonderful husband is the balance of the equation.  He is the free far as money goes, anyway.  I could totally and very easily be one of those crazy people that doesn't ever spend any money on themselves, at all.  Moms, you know who you are.  We don't really need new clothes. After all, there are plenty of perfectly good clothes hiding in the back of the closet that I can still wear.  The kids actually need clothes.  They grew out of the other in my son asked me if this is what it felt like to wear tights, when he came into the room wearing his high water jeans I bought him 3 months prior.  Of course, I lovingly replied,

"No.  That is what it feels like to wear capris, thank you very much."  Kids!  The point is you and I both need new clothes on occasion.  It's okay.  We just have to not go overboard.

It's all a balance.  I needed to teach my hubby how to save money for a rainy day, and he had to teach me how to spend some money and enjoy it.  Nothing good remains good if taken to an extreme...saving or spending. That's what I wanted to get from my buddy Dave's class: how to work together with my hubby on money matters.  We need each other in the little things of daily life and marriage, and we need each other in the big things of life and marriage.

How do you and your spouse come together on money matters?  Do you overlap in your ideas?  Are you still working it out?  I'd love to hear about it in below.

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