Wednesday, July 22, 2015

God Rested. So Should You.

We need rest. We are so busy and if you happen to have a business or hobby on the side, you are intentionally (and what feels like) exponentially busier. 

My hubby recently left his job of 7 years to be self-employed again. The good news is he is busy enough to work 7 days a week. The bad news is he is busy enough to work 7 days a week. Just today, I was reading a Facebook post by a fellow hustler about the same issue.  Here's the thing, kids: we need to rest. Not all the time--that's being lazy. We do need to work... And we do need to rest. Even God rested after he created the universe. If God needs rest, then how much more do we need it. 

I completely understand it's hard to rest, but it is necessary.  Give yourself permission to take a little time to recharge, then move forward again. You'll work better. Admit it. I know I do. 

 UL mustard seed & sugared plum

That is your homework assignment today. Give yourself permission to just chill for a bit. While you are relaxing, take a few seconds to comment below about how you like to relax. 

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