Friday, May 13, 2016


2016 has been good.  In celebration of it being Friday (or Wednesday, or Sunday, or whatever other day you may happen to read this post on), I am posting a top 5 blog posts from this year thus far. They are actually some of my favorites.

5. Don't Get Stuck In Your Filter. It's easy to do.  We all do it.  Be open to other perspectives.

4. The Problem with Being Good at Stuff.  You wouldn't think it would be a problem to be good at something, but...well, it certainly can be.

3. Planning is Good, but It Doesn't Matter. Really and truly it doesn't matter how much you plan unless you do...

 UL electric pink & shoreline blue

2. I Squashed My Husband's Dream. Shooting straight on this one.  Buckle up.

1. Being Out of Debt is Not About You. One of my favorites, and shows what a screw up I can be.  God is good.

There you have it.  The top 5 posts from 2016, thus far.  Enjoy!  Please feel free to comment, share, and subscribe.  You are why I do this.

Make it a beautiful day, friends.



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