Monday, June 1, 2015

Patterns of Success: part 2

I took my son to the airport today. I left him there.  He's only 12-years-old.  I did leave him in capable hands, but I left him just the same. Today he left for his big trip. 

My little man left with 17 classmates and 3 adults to fly across country to visit our nation's capital and New York City.  If you don't recall, we lived in small town Colorado. I could tell he was a little nervous when he got rather upset with me about taking a selfie with him in the airport.  He's not usually a huge fan of selfies, but this response was a bit more emphatic. 

"Mom. I hate selfies!" he glared into my camera.  I won't embarrass him by posting it, as my goal of this blog is not to humiliate my children.  I tried not to cry in front of him as he walked into the security check point with his brave face on.  I succeeded by only getting a bit forklempt as my baby (because he'll always be my baby) left on the plane to the big, big city.

The part I'm most excited about with this trip is the precedent this sets for him: work hard, earn money, get rewarded with an amazing trip.  He did this as an 11-12 year old kid.  That is super awesome!  No free handouts here.  He worked really hard to make this happen.  There were a few times when he honestly wanted to quit, but he didn't.  He pushed through, with some help and support from his crazy parents,  and now he is really enjoying himself.

 UL caribbean blue

I'm excited for this because it sets him up to succeed in bigger and bigger things in his life.  It's the beginning of his pattern of success, like I talked about a couple weeks ago.  I know that God has big plans for this little man, and if he can fly across the country away from his parents for a week at the age of 12...well, this kid can do anything.

What area of your life are you learning to think big?  Are you beginning to create a pattern of success?  Please comment below.

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