Friday, June 12, 2015

I'm Not Supposed to Adopt

My daughter has asked for a little brother or sister on more than one occasion.  She asked so many times, that we asked her to stop asking.  She has also asked for a cat, chickens, a guinea pig, goats, a bunny, and many other assorted animals.  We have 2 dogs.  That's it for our animal farm.  I take that back.  We would like to get some chickens, but there needs to be a coop for them to live in so the dogs don't eat them...  We practically have our own herd of deer, as well.  We live in the middle of town on half an acre and the deer like to hang out on the back half of our lot.  They were quite insulted when we moved in and started mowing it.  When she is grown up and has her own house, she can have as many animals as she would like.  And when she grows up and gets married and has her own family, she can have as many babies as she likes.

I'm not against having a lot of kids.  I love kids!  I have several friends with larger families (and their kids are amazing and beautiful!), but my hubby and I just didn't feel called to have a large family. We also didn't feel called to adopt.  (I'm not saying never because that's when God laughs and reminds us that it's His plan we live under and not our own.)  But at this point in our lives, we don't feel called to add to our family through adoption.  We do, however, feel called to support adoptive families around us.  We have what I believe to be an unusually high number of adoptive families in our "inner circle" of friends.  We didn't seek that out.  It's just where God brought us.

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I'm always surprised when people that aren't able to conceive, but do want children, are not wanting to even consider adoption.  It is an amazing, beautiful gift!  Maybe I'm looking through rose colored glasses and I see these beautiful, amazing families that have children from all over the world or 200 miles away.  It doesn't matter where they came from.  They are loved.  The last adoption that occurred was with some close friends of ours.  They got a gorgeous, precious little boy from Africa. Of course, the process takes quite a while and they didn't know if they would get a boy or a girl.  My sweet baby girl asked me if they "accidentally got an extra baby," could we keep it?  I told her sure... and then prayed they didn't get twins.

I'm not saying everyone should adopt.  I'm not saying that adoption isn't hard.  It's just that it is such a beautiful gift, and a great reflection of God adopting us into His family, that it is worth supporting and considering.  There are so many babies out there that need loved, and so many families that have love to give.

Also, I have another family that is close to us that is working to set a travel date to pick up another baby from China.  I'm not at liberty to share names, but I'd love it if you'd keep them in your prayers. 

What are your thoughts on adoption?  Please comment below.

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