Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Good Enough Isn't Good Enough

Often good enough is good enough. But sometimes it's not enough. After my black belt test, I gave myself permission to relax. You wouldn't think that someone would have to give themselves permission to relax, but that's how my brain works. It's always going. It's always thinking. It was hard work to study for my black belt test. I'm glad I did it, but it was a hard process and required exceptional amounts of self-discipline. The problem is that I've gotten into that habit of relaxing now. 

Again, don't hear me wrong, it is okay to chill and relax, but I know I am more at peace in my mind during relaxation time when I've done my allotted work. I will never be finished with everything I want to do. One of the poor habits I've gotten into is wiring my blog post the night before. (Not proud of that one, but there it is.) In doing that, I don't feel like I'm giving you my best writing and processing. My efforts are fine. They are good enough, but that's not what you want as a reader. That's not what you deserve either. 

 UL bright white

I really do appreciate you stopping by to visit my humble blog. I apologize. In my efforts to be consistent, I have been sacrificing some quality. Thanks for hanging around, and now I will be rectifying the situation. Specifically, I will be working ahead a little more.  And I'm needing to add time management skills back into the mix. Good enough is no longer good enough. I've decided and I'll be taking specific steps. Stay tuned! 

What things have you allowed good enough to be good enough... When you really should have expected more? Please comment below. 

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