Wednesday, June 10, 2015

My Son Said It Was Worth It

"It was really hard, but it was worth it." His words caught me off guard as we rummaged through the fridge to find leftovers for dinner.  I stopped digging and turned around to hug my almost-as-tall-as-me first born baby.  

If you've been following my blog posts in the last couple weeks, you probably heard me reference my son and his trip.  (You can read more here or here.) To briefly summarize, my 12-year-old mowed lawns and did extra chores to earn money for a trip with his school.  It wasn't cheap, but we told him he could go--as long as he earned his own money.  More than once along the way, I really thought he was going to quit.  We were sitting in the driveway of his lawn mowing client's house having a discussion on more than one occasion about how we don't quit.  We committed to this.  We are going to finish.  We have integrity, etc.  They were not the most happy of conversations, but I hope they were a part of the many lessons he learned last summer and fall as he mowed lawns every Saturday morning.

 UL warm stone & sugared plum

I didn't think it had sunk in, though, until he said that to me tonight.  
"It was worth it." I wanted to cry because I was so proud.  I settled for a hug and did my best to not get too smooshy with my boy who is growing up so fast.
I pray that he understands the weight of what he said to me.  Now he can do anything.  It's not that he couldn't before, but now he knows he can...because he already did--and he knows it was worth it.  

I could say the same thing about my black belt.  It was hard.  It was really hard.  But it was worth it.

What has been really hard in your life that once you got on the other side of it was completely worth it?  Comment below.

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