Monday, January 30, 2017

Why Shout?

From time to time you see me give a shout out to someone.  It might be someone who has helped me. It might be someone who has inspired me.  Maybe it's someone who shall not be named because they've insulted, hurt, or attacked me.  I strive to not live in negative land as I grow myself and my business, but life happens sometimes and I want to vent...  Nevertheless, life goes on, business grows and I am much happier living in the place of gratefulness and empowering.

For you my reader, I want to talk about this for a minute.  I want you to understand that when I give a shout out, it's not because the recipient has asked me to.  None of the lovely people I have highlighted on here have ever asked me to post something about them. (In all reality, I'm sure that sounds really scary and vain to ask someone to write about you.) Because it would be weird and because I am truly grateful for the help offered to me, whether I paid for it or not, I like to further offer thanks by letting others know what an awesome job someone has done for me in whatever arena it is that they have assisted me in.

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So thank you to each of you that have inspired me, encouraged me, challenged me, helped me, fixed my mistakes, or just given me something to write about.  Some of you may not have known it was you I was writing about.  Not everyone is okay with living a bit in the public eye, and that's fine, too. I respect your privacy by not putting your name out there, but I'm still thankful for you.

For those of you reading posts with a link to a business, I hope you take the opportunity to visit those websites.  These people are awesome.  I wouldn't put it out there if they weren't.

Who do you have to be thankful for in your journey?  Tell them today.  Share it with someone else.

Make it a beautiful day, friends.

Very soon you'll be able to find my blog at  I'm not done yet and may be jumping the gun by putting this out there.  I just want you to know where to find me.  See you soon!


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