Monday, August 10, 2015

Work It

Work is hard.  But it's also satisfying, rewarding, and good for our souls.  Did you know that work was around before the fall of man--as in, before Adam and Eve took the bite of the fruit that fateful day?  Yep.  Work is not part of the curse, but that's not where I'm heading with this today.

I've talked before about my kids working, more specifically my son working towards a monetary goal (more on that here).  While work is a piece of the gifts that God has given us, it seems more and more that we are taking the dignity of work away from our fellow human beings.  I recently watched a series of videos on poverty, called Poverty Cure, that were completely fascinating to me.  It was only 6 sessions long, and if you have opportunity to watch the entire series, I would highly recommend it, but, again, more on that later.

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What I'm most excited about is teaching my kids to work.  Since leaving the cable company a month or so ago, my awesome hubby has been an amazing example of how to work.  Don't get me wrong, he has always been a hard worker.  When I first met him, at age 17, he was working 2 jobs in addition to going to school, and preparing to graduate early.  This man knows how to work.  I'm ecstatic that he is working for himself again, because now he can take our kids along.  It's not just this abstract concept that Daddy goes to work all day and must bring home some sort of money because we have a house to live in and food to eat.  My son got to help finish up a project the other day, and he was so excited to do it.  Last week, my daughter got to go on a follow up consult with me on a big project I'm working on.  She got to see how I interact with people on a professional basis.  I am not perfect, by any means, but what an amazing way to teach her.

It would be simple to just tell my kids to get their education and go into business for themselves.  We do tell them that.  It's much harder, though, to show them that it's okay to work for themselves--to be job creators instead of job seekers.  I believe that's what this world needs.  More givers.  Less takers.  Don't see the obstacles.  Look beyond to see the reward on the other side.

What obstacle are you working to overcome?  I'd love to hear about it below.

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