Monday, August 24, 2015

Make Up Your Mind Already

I have a hard time with wishy-washiness.  I'm sure that's not an actual real word, but I'm certain you know what I mean by it.  It's those people that look at different options, weigh them, choose the first option, change their mind to the second option, then decide to look at a third option, and then go back to the first option again...then just stop the process all together. (Now my husband might be tempted to interject here and say I do that when we're at restaurants, but I would contend that I don't...we'll save that discussion for another day.)

I understand and agree with taking time to make a well thought out decision.  That's important and prudent, but just struggling to make a decision?  It's time to commit.  I helped a patient pick out glasses one day and she had such a hard time deciding between 2 pairs of glasses that looked nice on her that she finally decided to stay with the same frames she had--2 months later!  Really?  Yes, really.  If she had that hard of a time picking (or in this case, not picking) a pair of glasses, how is it going to go for picking a car, or choosing a college, or a husband?  Good grief.

 UL warm stone & lilac

Maybe I'm being too harsh.  Maybe that girl made a really bad decision at some point and had to live with the consequences of it, but I don't really think that was the issue.  I really think she was afraid to make a "wrong" choice and therefore it paralyzed her.  It seems to me, though, that at some point you have to own your decision--good, bad or otherwise.  I'm sure the ability to make a choice has something to do with leadership (because I've read that in more than one leadership type book).  The conclusion I come to is that we need to take charge of decision making within ourselves in order to move forward.  If we consistently are afraid to make a wrong choice, then we'll make no choice...which translates to bad choice which is non-moving choice, which is going backward choice.

So make up your mind already!  It might take a little practice to get in the habit, but like all self-discipline, it's a process.  We don't wake up and then suddenly become super self-disciplined.  Allow yourself grace, and choose to be happy along the way, because that, too, is a choice.

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