Friday, August 28, 2015

I'm Glad My Daughter Passed NOW

At the beginning of July, I posted about my sweet daughter not passing her karate test...and how I was glad she didn't pass because I knew she hadn't prepared for it like she should have.  In the time since that original post, she has had plenty of time to practice and study.  It was summer break.  It doesn't hurt to have something to occupy the kids' time, right?  I reminded her and gave her the study book, but I really didn't nag her.  I wanted her to do this mostly on her own.

Tonight was the night it came to fruition.  It was time to test again.  Actually, it was supposed to be 2 days ago, but I was sick.  She asked me tonight as we got ready for class if she could test again...and she was excited about it.  Yes, that is weird, but I'm not going to argue if she feels confident and ready to go.  I haven't been the one working with her and her teacher said a couple weeks ago that she was really close, so...test away, I say!  So we did.

 UL lilac bouquet & sugared plum

She still missed a couple techniques, but not near as many as she missed previously.  No one is going to be perfect.  It's just not possible.  (More on that here.) She might not have been perfect, but she was amazing.  I was so proud of this girl.  She is 10-years-old.  She got up in front of a panel of judges--which consists of 4 adults, and black belts to boot.  She rocked it.  She really did.  Did I mention she is only 10-years-old?  She stood tall and smiled.  Well, she tried not to smile because that's what she does when she's nervous-cited (that's what she calls being nervous and excited at the same time).  It was adorable.  Truly adorable.

Even though she got a little stuck a couple times, she still passed.  My girl is getting her purple belt! I couldn't be more proud.  I'm sure I'll post more pictures next week after the promotion ceremony, but for now, we'll suffice it to say that she is a rock star.  She did this, and it wasn't me pushing her this time.  She did it because she felt ready.

What super accomplishments have you or your kiddos done because it was the right time to do it?  I'd love to hear about it in the comments.

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