Friday, March 27, 2015

Where the Buffalo Roam

I'm taking a brief break from my series on self-discipline to do a special post from vacation.  I think you'll enjoy it...besides, you'll get to hear what a nerd I am. Just for the record, I'm laughing, not crying. :-)

Do you remember the scene in National Lampoon's Vacation where they arrive at Wally World only to find it's closed?  Well, I'd like for you to take note of the date on this post and then understand me when I say that the black hill's tourist season doesn't start until April 1st.  Seriously. It's pretty much a ghost town where we're staying.  The restaurant isn't even open in the hotel we're staying in.  No worries!  The big attraction we are planning on seeing is Mount Rushmore. That's open year round, fortunately.

The plan was note necessarily to go to Mount Rushmore every day.  In fact, we are only planning for one day, tomorrow. In the meantime, what to do?  What to do?  Some of the natural attractions are open. Let's go see the drive through animal park.  That sounds nice. Away we go.  Wide open spaces!  This is South Dakota, after all.  Antelope.  Prairie dogs.  Buffalo.  Oh, the buffalo.  You've seen the commercial.   The buffalo come right up to your car, right?  They may or may not be happy to see you...

Well, I'm here to testify that sometimes they ARE happy to see you.

Where the buffalo roam

Fun, right? Enjoy!  Comment below. I'd love to hear about songs fun adventures your family has had getting close to nature.

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