Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Do You Love Your Business?

There are a lot of home based businesses out there.  There are a ton of great cosmetic/skin care type things, each with their own particular spin...pure & safe, fun & great smelling, animal free & organic. You name it, it's out there.  There are probably even more vitamin/nutrition type companies: pesticide free, liquid, inexpensive, good tasting, etc.  There are a zillion home care product companies, too. There are just a lot of different businesses that are easy to start from home.  But this one is mine.  

It's mine because it's me.  I love color and paint and words.  Years ago, before I found my business, I would put sayings all over my house.  I had a fancy calligraphy pen (that I didn't really know how to use very well) and I would write encouraging words ALL over the place.  One of my favorites was on my trash can.  It read "Let the crap of your past become the fertilizer of your future." Now if that's not profound, then I don't know what is.  Those little slips of paper were all over my house: light switches, fridge, mirrors, doors, trash cans, etc.  So when I saw Uppercase Living expressions for the first time, it completely clicked and made sense to me.  I saw these words and knew I had to have them.  This was MY business.  It screamed "Jennille!" 

 Jen's Walls Talk

The company has come so far in the last 8 years since I've been an independent demonstrator.  Who doesn't want to be part of something whose theme is "Inspiring More Lives Than Ever Before?" In the last year or so, I have continued to define how my business looks for me (thanks in large part to my FANTASTIC business/life coach).  She has given me some great tools and walked me through some super helpful exercises to help me grow and define me and my business.  Who knew you could grow so much just by talking on the phone? 

Long story made short, 2 key things have helped me to grow my business and be happy that I'm doing it: first, to realize that my business is me and that I love doing it; second, having some outside input to help me analyze what is working and what isn't. I'm a fairly intelligent person, but I still get stuck in my own head sometimes.  We all need a bit of help.

I'd love to hear about you business and why it's you.  Comment below.

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