Monday, March 2, 2015

In This Home

 in this home

I've said it before and I'll say it again...I'm all about grace.  I am not a perfect parent, but I try every day to do better.  When I surrender to God's help, I do better because apart from Him, I can do nothing.  With His power, I offer grace to my kids.  I offer grace to my husband.

I love this expression pictured above.  Love is real.  Love is hard...really hard sometimes, but I choose to love anyway.  It is a choice.  It's a choice to give a second chance.  It's a choice to give a hug and hold my baby (who's almost 10-years-old now) instead of yelling at her for being mean to her brother again.  It's choosing to look past the symptom to the root cause that she is feeling left out by a friend at school.  I want my kids to respond to me the same way, and more often then not, they give me grace in return.  I don't deserve for them to be nice to me after being exasperated at the dirty state of their bedrooms.  That's why it's grace.

My husband reminded me last week to "respond how you want her to respond." Ouch.  I was expecting more of my child than I was wanting to expect of myself.  Double ouch.  Do over, please?  

Let's choose to love today.  Let's choose to offer grace to each other a little more and give a hug a little more often.  Let's do love.

I'd love to hear how your family shows grace to each other.  Comment below.

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