Friday, March 13, 2015

Time Stands Still for No One

We've all heard the phrase "Time stands still for no one." It's true, but on a rare occasion, it does seem to slow down for just a teensy little second, and then it is fast forward again. Those are the moments that we remember and they can define our lives.  It's often at the birth of a child or a wedding day. Sometimes it's when a child reaches a significant goal they have been working for, or maybe it's something that seems completely insignificant to others, yet is special to you.  Many times these moments are lost except in our own memories, but every now and then we are able to catch them with a camera.  When we are able to catch it, it can become a beautiful display of our lives and our love.

 in these moments

The picture above shows 1 expression done 3 different ways.   One thing that I love about Uppercase Living expressions, is that you are not limited to the layout that they are pre-designed with.  In these 2 examples, the expressions were actually cut in half before mounting them on the wall.  Since my expressions are made of individual letters (instead of printed on a clear piece of vinyl as some discount store expressions are), it is very easy to move them around before finishing the mounting process.  One would simply cut the sections apart before removing the backing and top sheets.  Another thing I love?  If you should happen to have an "unfortunate sticking incident," as I had one client tell me, I have a 90 day warranty on all my expressions.  Easy peasy.

Here's another example from a client what this might look like on a wall.  I love it!

 In these moments

What moments would you like to remember with a visual reminder like this?  Comment below.

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