Monday, February 8, 2016

What Does a Life to the Full Look Like?

Emotions are a good thing.  Did you see the movie "Inside Out" by Pixar?  Loved that one.  It was a cute little, cartoon adventure around the idea that we need sadness.  We need sadness so we can have joy.  My daughter and I were discussing the movie "The Giver" (that came out last year, but we just watched it last weekend).  It was another interesting take on emotions (among other things like euthanasia and thought control).  Without giving too much away, only one person carried the memories of the past--whether good or painful--then that person had to pass them on to the next memory keeper.  Those in power over the community didn't want everyone to have those memories because they would make bad choices and repeat them.  I would definitely recommend watching it, and if you have kids, watch it with them.  It's a lot to chew on.  But, once again, I digress from my original topic: living life to the full.

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Get your "Fill your heart" expression here.

That's what Jesus called it.  I have come that they may have life and have it to the full.(John 10:10) What he didn't say was that life will be all sunshine and roses.  What he didn't say is that we will never have sadness.  He did say we will have it to the full.  We will have beautiful, joyful moments, but we'll also have tragic, horrific moments.  We will have grief beyond compare.  And after that, we'll have elation again.  That is the human experience.  Emotions are the human experience.  We love and we loathe.  We are scared and we are brave.  It's okay to have emotions.  Don't hide in them and get stuck in the negative ones.  

Live and live to the full.  Experience the full range of emotions.  Soak it in. Enjoy life.  Experience your life.  It's yours for the living, friends. Make it beautiful.

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