Friday, February 5, 2016

He Couldn't Breathe

If you've been following me for any length of time, you know I'm a crossfitter.  If you aren't familiar with that program, it is an exercise or fitness program that has developed an almost cult like following over the last several years for a lot of different reasons.  I enjoy it because every movement can be scaled, it's always different, there are benchmark workouts so I can actually see that I'm making progress (or not), and the community atmosphere is amazing and super supportive.

When I started CrossFit, I wasn't in a terrible place, physically, but I had definite room for growth.  I have done a lot of new things and conquered many different movements on my path.  For example, I've run a couple 5K races now, and plan to do more--I might even run a 5 mile race this year.  Now that's just craziness because I am not a runner.  I can do a real (kipping) pull up.  I can do real push ups.  I can even do the rope climb now.  All those things, I have never been able to do prior to CrossFit.  It's really cool because I am now 39-years-old, and I'm still working towards new physical goals while most people are settling for where they are.

Before you go thinking that I am some musclebound CrossFit superstar, let me be clear: I'm not. Have I made huge and amazing strides?  Absolutely!  Am I consistently in the bottom third of the rankings for the ladies at my box (that what CrossFit peeps call our gym)?  Absolutely.  I finally figured out why two days ago.

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When doing a CrossFit workout, we are super supportive of each other.  It's really cool.  So when I get lapped 5 times in an 8 lap workout, the passersby always give a, "Good job, Jennille!" Or "Keep it up, Jennille!" As they run by.  I'm just slow and that's okay.  So when I was on the rowing machine next to one of the guys that is consistently at the top of the board--and leaving me in the dust--I was rowing along and then I wanted to ask him a question.  He could barely breathe to answer me.  I was breathing a bit hard, but still able to easily carry on a conversation.  He wasn't out of breath because he's out of shape.  He was out of breath because of the effort he was putting in. 

That's when it finally hit me: the people that are getting excellent results are putting in excellent effort.  (Um, duh!)  Just because they make it look easy, doesn't mean it is.  That sounds a bit cliche, but it hit me like a ton of bricks.  I thought he was just naturally more gifted or something.  He's just pushing harder, but not in a loud kind of way.  It's taken me 5 years to figure this out.  People that are truly performing excellently, probably aren't going to brag about it.  

People that are truly performing excellently, probably aren't going to brag about it. #JensWallsTalk Tweet this.
Then the question becomes, am I expecting excellent results when I'm only putting in good effort?  I have been, and suffice it to say, it doesn't work that way.  Time to kick it up a notch.

How will your effort change today?  If you want excellence, then put in excellence.  Make it a beautiful day, friends.  In the meantime, you can follow me on Facebook and Instagram (@JensWallsTalk). 

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