Monday, September 7, 2015

No Excuses & I'm Sorry

I must apologize to you, my loyal readers.  I haven't been putting my best work out the last few weeks.  It's not that I'm living my life any less or seeing any less subject matter to write about.  In fact, it's been a really cool season with a lot of things going much going on that I have literally had less time to write.  I'm not making excuses (because I really don't like excuses, and try not to do that myself).  I have been blessed with an opportunity to actively pursue my side hustle.

While writing this blog is a piece of my side hustle and it helps you to know me better, and hopefully offer some encouragement to you along the way, I don't want it to become something that it isn't...just one more thing to do, a check on my list of tasks, a chore.  That's not what this is to me.  It's supposed to be an outlet for my ramblings, and a place to process my life and my perceptions of who I am in Christ.  If I am not taking the time to do that properly, then we are both being sold short--me as the writer, and you as the reader.  I'm sorry to both of us.

 UL sugared plum & bright white

What I will do to rectify the situation (because that's what restorative/fixer people do), is cut back on my posts for a while.  I will post twice a week, instead of 3 times each week.  My hope in that is that I will be giving higher quality posts and you will be more inspired to live your life in a beautiful (not perfect!) way.

What is something that you've had to step back from, even partially, to do better?  I'd love to hear about it in the comments below.

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