Monday, May 25, 2015

Some Gave All

Memorial Day and Veteran's Day are often confused, and I completely guilty of doing it.  Therefore, I wanted to share a little history so we can all be more educated about it and honor the people the days are meant to honor.

Memorial Day is meant to specifically honor those soldiers that have died in battle, any battle. Originally, it began in the Civil War as a way to honor soldiers that had died in that war, it was later expanded to include any war.  Click the link below for a little more history on Memorial Day.

Veterans Day on the other hand is meant to honor veterans living and alive in both peacetime and wartime.  It's origins are more recent beginning at the end of WWI, and being redefined after WWII. Click the link below for more history on Veterans Day.

I hope it's been helpful to re-hear about the distinction between these two holidays.  It was a good reminder for me.  

In looking up the history of Memorial Day and Veterans Day holidays, I noticed a trend to not elevate soldiers to hero status as they have enough of a hard time adjusting to "regular" life when they come home from a war.  I don't believe the people that feel this way are being haters for the most part and are honestly trying to help soldiers.  Here's my two cents on the matter: Soldiers/veterans are regular people, but they are regular people that have chosen to intentionally put themselves in harms way for me and everyone else back at home.  For that, they should be thanked and supported.

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