Wednesday, May 20, 2015

New Friends

I have great friends.  Not just great friends, but beautiful, wonderful, caring, genuine, sincere, funny, amazing friends.  I don't feel like I need to go find new ones.  They truly are awesome friends.

In all my activities, I meet a lot of people.  Some people I click with right away, and others it takes a little while, but that's usually 1 or 2 new to me people at a time.  I don't often walk into a room and not already know several people there.  It's a small town where I live, and I just know a lot of people.

Every now and again, I have opportunity to go someplace where I don't know everyone.  This past weekend I had one of those times.  My family and I were invited to a BBQ at a relatively new friend's house.  We have mutual interests, but hadn't really hung out together yet.  When we got there, I actually didn't know anyone except our hostess and her family.  It was quite a shock to me, and a lot of fun!  I'm not sure why I was surprised to meet new friends, but I honestly was.  It was lovely and refreshing, and I couldn't wait to meet these people introduce them to my favorite friends (I don't like to say best friend because I have a circle of best friends--they're my "favorite" people).

 UL bright white

I have to give credit to my beautiful friend, Lorretta, for inviting my family to this fun filled, friend time.  Without her friendly invitation, we wouldn't have been able to enjoy this lovely day.  I just want to remind you that sometimes it's okay to venture out from your circle of friends.  It doesn't mean you love them any less.  I hope that you have beautiful, genuine friends like I do.  They are such a huge blessing in my life!  But don't forget to share that blessing with others by bringing new friends into the blessing circle.

Please comment below.  I'd love to hear if you've had a similar instance of discovering a new friend or two when you weren't looking.  How'd that turn out in the long run?

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