Monday, May 18, 2015

Be a Nice Ninja

The point of karate is to not have to use it. Really. I knows that sounds like an oxymoron. On the outside it looks like karate is just a study of how to punch, kick, take people down to the ground, etc. But it's so much more than that. 

There's the discipline of practicing on a regular basis for starters. With regularly scheduled classes, it does make it simple to practice.  Simple is not the same as easy, though. I still have to make the choice and the commitment to go. I decide ahead of time and then I go.

Its not a team sport all the time where I can rely on other people to cover for my shortcomings. (There is nothing wrong with team sports, but I feel like people benefit from doing a solo-type sport, too.) If someone were to attack me, I would be the only one there, more than likely, to defend myself. I can't say, "Hold on, attacker. I need to go get my friends to protect me." It doesn't work that way.  I need to know my skills and be confident in my ability to use them, and be able and willing to use them at the drop of a hat.  Confidence is another bi-product of karate and I believe that comes directly from having the ability to protect oneself, but also having the ability to hurt another human being...and yet not doing it.

Pay attention.  That's something I've learned.  It's not that I didn't pay attention before, and it's not that I'm always on alert, but I do pay attention to what is happening around me.  Environmental awareness is what we call it.  You saw someone that made the hackles go up on the back of your neck?  Ok.  So what was he wearing?  You're going to a parade this upcoming weekend with our kids?  How tall are they now?  What color clothes do they have on?  Pay attention.  It's all little stuff, but it adds up to make big stuff.

 UL Peony Pink

Discipline, practice, self-discipline, fitness, respect, self-control, awareness, commitment: all things I've learned in my martial arts studies.  What are you doing to help make yourself stronger, more confident, and benefit others?  Comment below.

--Jennille the Nice Ninja

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