Monday, May 11, 2015

It's Okay to Wait

I'm still waiting to hear if I passed my black belt test.  I took it in April 18th. Yes, as you read this for the first time, it is May 11th. It's okay, though. Honestly, it is. I know I did my best.

If I can honestly say I gave my best, my honest best effort, and I don't pass, then it's okay.  If there is any doubt about whether or not I gave my best effort, then I might doubt if I should pass and I might not be satisfied with myself if I don't pass.  Here's the thing, I know I gave my best effort, and I know I wasn't perfect.  I made a few mistakes.  It's just going to happen.  I just chose to move on and not get stuck there.  I love this expression:

 UL pink peony

I very easily could have slipped into the getting stuck on my mistakes during the test, but I didn't.  I very easily could get trapped in analyzing my mistakes after the test, but I'm not.  I'm choosing not to. I'm looking for the good.  I'm looking for the blessings in it.  I'm choosing to look for the honestly positive aspects.  I'm really not stressed and that is just part of the blessing that this test has been for me.  It has shown me that I am strong, and tenacious, and willing to go the distance.  This is my journey and I must live it.  I can't be afraid to live.  I can't be afraid to make mistakes, because I'd never get out of bed if I were afraid of that.  I mess up all the time, but sometimes...well, sometimes I fly.

 UL May special in pink peony

I don't normally promote my specials on my blog, but I just absolutely love this one, so I wanted to let you, my lovely readers, know about it.  Click on the pic to pop over and grab yours before it's gone.  I hope it stays around for a while, but there is no guarantee of that.  It's a deal with purchase kind of thing on this one.  Enjoy!

What have you been afraid of failing at, but then decided to try and found that you could fly?  I'd love to hear about it.  Please comment below.

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