Friday, September 23, 2016

Random Politic Stuff

I don't like politics.  In fact, I loathe it.  On an everyday level, I don't like politic-ing because it seems to bring out the self-promoting, egotistical, underbelly side of us that is not real or true on any level. But on a bigger, national scale there is a place for politics.  We need leadership and governing.  I do realize the importance of laws, law enforcers, and law creators.  I just don't like the facade and drama that has turned our government into a "reality" show.  It's barely effective and seems more about hiding and manipulating truth than actually doing good.

I wasn't too excited to help my son write a congressional bill for school.  I know what bills do and have a good general idea about how they are passed, but actually writing one...well, it just feels like not my favorite kind of writing.  However, he had written most of it already.  He just needed to add some specifics and refinement.  Where do people go to get information on anything these days?  The internet, of course.  Turns out you can go directly to websites like or and read what our congressmen and women and senators are doing on a daily basis.  It was actually kind of interesting.  There was a representative from somewhere that introduced a bill to not put a full social security number on pieces of mail, unless absolutely necessary.  We need an act of congress to do that?  You've got to be kidding me.  There were also weightier issues like sending money or weapons to foreign countries and whether we should do that or not.  It was fascinating to me to see the daily agendas and how many times bills were discussed and tabled, move on to the next one, go back to the last one, and then go back to two bills before that.  If I worked like that all day, it would drive me crazy.  It was completely inefficient and wasteful.

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My point in all this is not to tell you to go run for office, but to just be aware.  Elections are coming up and it is our responsibility to vote.  So go look and see what your senators and congress people are doing.  You might just find out they are doing what they said they would, or you might find out otherwise.  Who knows?

Even in the midst of politics, make it a beautiful day, friends.

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