Monday, September 26, 2016

Oh...This Kneeling Thing

First of all, I will admit that I don't love watching football...not on TV, anyway.  I'm more of a let's-watch-it-live-and-in-person-and-get-the-whole-feel-of-the-experience kind of person.  Alas, my hubby and son like to watch it, so watch it they do, and hear about it, I will.  I hear about the great plays and the exciting moments and the good calls and the bad calls, and about this new kneeling thing.  

At first, I thought this new kneeling thing was a kneeling thing like Tim Tebow did: a kneeling of reverence to show humility and thankfulness through his faith in Jesus Christ.  Unfortunately, this is not. It is my understanding that these players are kneeling during the National Anthem to create awareness of racism and/or alleged police brutality against black/African American people(sorry for not being more pc on the term, because in my mind people are people are people).  

Here's my problem with the recent trend: it's not productive and it only serves to offend and exacerbate rather than help the problem.  Seriously.  The National Anthem.  They live in a country that allows them to have a voice and an opinion, so they are using that voice to denounce the country they live in and the people that stand up for and fight for that freedom.  How does that make me want to support their cause?  If anything, I have less respect for someone (and their cause) if they feel the need to be disrespectful to get my attention.  I'm not saying racism isn't a problem.  Not at all.  It is worse now than it has been in my entire life, but that's not where I'm going today.

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I don't often blog about hot topics in the news and especially in sports, but this doesn't seem to be going away and I'd like to offer a suggestion.  Instead of kneeling for the National Anthem (and thereby dishonoring our country and veterans), how about players wear something on your uniform to show you're feeling out of sync with our current racial climate?  Green socks?  Purple sticker on your helmet?  I don't know, but this kneeling thing isn't working. You may get a fine from the NFL for being out of uniform, but then I would be more inclined to believe your conviction level.  It would cost you something personally.  Let's have this discussion about racism.  But let's not do it at the cost of creating more rifts.

One final thought on this.  No one enjoys being told they're wrong.  I don't, but sometimes I need it. Our response is the only thing we have control over.  
Do not speak strong words to a man who laughs at the truth, or he will hate you.  Speak strong words to a wise man, and he will love you.
The modern version of these words is "haters gonna hate." Let's be wise.  Let's be kind. Make it a beautiful day, friends.

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