Friday, January 15, 2016

Work Is Good & Who Cares

It's good to work.  It gives us purpose.  It gives us something to do.  Work is not a curse.  Often we complain about work, about our jobs.  You and I have both heard people say things about their job or work implying (or out right saying!) that it's not fulfilling or it's toxic or it's pointless.  I'm not saying negative things don't happen.  They do.  I'm not saying that some companies or bosses aren't just outright terrible.  Some are.  

While all those things are true, it can sometimes leave us feeling less than valued when we've been without work for a while.  We can feel less than valuable when a boss or company doesn't appreciate our skills.  So what?  Move on.  It wasn't the right fit.  But here's what I want you to hear today:

You don't have value because you do good work.  You don't have value because you are an excellent _______.  You have value because you are a human being.  That's it.  You are valuable and precious and loved by the God who made you (and incidentally he made work, too, but more on that another time).

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So if you are having trouble feeling like a rock star because of _________, know that you do have value.   You are a human being and you are alive.  Now act like it.  Go find your awesome.

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