Friday, January 22, 2016

Because I Didn't Win

That's what my son told me when I asked him why he didn't tell me that he placed third in his school's spelling bee last week. He was actually a bit embarrassed. It was super cute. He is a smart kid, but doesn't tend toward academic over achievement. He doesn't feel like that's "his thing" at this point in his life. (Not that he's not capable, but that's a discussion for another day.)

His teacher called me to give me the details for the next step: district competition. Mister Man is the alternate, and he needs to be there in case something happens to one of the other two kids. That's how I found out! Little turkey! Hubby and I are super proud of our little smarty pants, so you'll have to accept my apology for pulling up to the #mommybragtable for a minute.

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I tell you this little snippet not to be vain or cocky about what my kid can do. That is totally not it. It was an interesting dynamic for my son to win at something that he wasn't trying to win.  He didn't even tell me, but once I knew about it, he spilled the beans and told me the whole story. It was pretty cute. (I know. Thirteen year old boys are not cute, they're cool.) He obviously wouldn't get in trouble for winning an academic contest, so why didn't he tell us?  Still working on that one, but in the mean time, we'll go with "because I didn't win." I have no idea where my son would learn to hold himself to an impossible standard...ahem...

Make it a beautiful day, friends, and know that it IS okay to pull up to the bragtable sometimes. 

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