Friday, January 8, 2016

How to Be a Do-er Without Goals: Part 2

In my post on Monday, I promised I would work through my goal setting process and let you know how it went today.  I still don't have goals--specifically set, new goals that is.  However, I do have priorities...but even that was hard.   The problem is I have a lot going on.  I know.  Everyone has a lot going on these days.  I'm not complaining, but there are more than one big thing growing in my life at this point.  So where to go and what to grow?

Sometimes the answer is to cut back on another priority, but cutting back on family or God time isn't going to work.  Those are non-negotiable.  Cutting back on taking care of myself (exercise) time, is also very important, so that stays in the category of "continue doing this" for 2016.  I didn't really come up with anything for the "stop doing this" category, if I'm being honest.  (Perhaps I should look at facebook, but I've still convinced myself that I use it for business so I should keep doing that.) Under the "start doing in 2016" category, well, I don't want to add too much to this either.  Do you see my quandry with setting goals here?

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Once again, with the help of my terrific and amazing coach, we took a much needed step back and asked, "If I can't figure out what goals to set for my business yet, what are the priorities?" I was really stuck.  I have a growing Color & Inspiration business.  I'm helping grow our karate school.  I have a family to grow, nurture, and take care of.  My hubby is shifting gears in his work situation.  We're getting ready to host Financial Peace University again, starting next week.  Oh.  And I have full time job.  All those things are important.  Some have shifting roles.  FPU is short term.  Hubby won't always be shifting gears at his job and need extra support.  Karate won't always need extra, extra time as I build a website and re-do forms.  So for this month, priorities look like one thing.  Next month it might be different.  My hustle for 30 Days of Hustle?  To get really and truly organized, so I can most effectively work in all of these endeavors.  Boom.

Once again, I don't have it all figured out, but I have a process to make it happen.  How will you DO today?

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