Monday, April 13, 2015

Stop Wishing & Start Doing

Stop wishing and start doing.  It's really a pretty simple concept.  You can think about things you want to do, whether it be painting your bedroom, acquiring new skills for your job, learning a new hobby, or going to lunch with a friend.  It doesn't matter what the thing is, it won't get done until you go beyond "just wishing" and do it.

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Maybe this relates back to my series on self-discipline from a few weeks ago, but I just have to say that it drives me bonkers when people want to do something, but then never follow through and do it. It creates this "thing" just hanging out there.  Yuck.  That's not a happy feeling.

Sometimes, though, it is beyond our control.  For example, my black belt test in karate.  I've been studying karate for a little over 6 years now.  I've been prepping for this particular test for about a year and a half now.  In that year and a half, my test has been pushed back at least 4 or 5 times...ick. It kind of became this thing hanging out there, like I mentioned before.  We'd pick a date.  I'd study and practice, and study and practice some more.  The date would approach.  I'd come up to about a week or two before, and then my instructors would tell me that I wasn't ready...again...and again...and again.  I began to wonder if it would ever be my time.  It was a bad feeling, but reassuring at the same time.  They don't want me to fail.  I honestly believe that.  Imagine my surprise when my professor finally told me that I'm ready to test--this week.  This Saturday, April 18th, 2015, I will be testing for my black belt.

This is not some flippant, you've been here long enough and tried really hard so you can have a belt kind of test.  This is a yes, I've worked really hard, and I've got my butt off the bench and done the work, but there is no guarantee that I will pass this thing kind of test.  There is no wishing about this.  It's all doing...and a lot of praying.

What's your doing kind of thing?  What are you making happen?  I'd love to hear about it below, so leave a comment or two.  Remember, your "do" doesn't have to be a huge, physical test.  It might be calling a friend you haven't talked to in 6 months.  It could be painting a picture.  It can be anything.  Stop wishing & start doing.

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P.S.  And a great big happy birthday to my baby girl who turns 10 today!!!!  She thinks it's pretty fun to get a shout out on her mommy's blog.:)

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