Wednesday, April 15, 2015

A Positive Music Artist?

I was reading a blog post by Andy Andrews a few weeks back where he encouraged readers to highlight and celebrate artists that are talented and doing positive things instead of giving further attention to the Beibers and Mileys out there just don't need anymore attention.  So here's my contribution:

Greg Lynas
Greg Lynas

Most people don't know him.  He's not a big name...yet.  Maybe someday.  But he has an amazing voice and is a great guy.  He's a youth pastor.  In North Dakota.  (Anyone thinking Danny Gokey here?)

Greg writes original songs which is super fun and cool, in itself, but he actually writes them for his beautiful wife and their 3 amazing boys.  And he's just a fun guy to hang around.  Probably most guys that choose to hang around teenagers for a living are going to be fun--or fail at their job.  But Greg really is fun and cool and a God loving, real kind of person.  You might just pop over to his facebook page and check him out.  Then you can say, I liked that guy on facebook before he was a super star.  How cool is that?

 UL bright white & dusty blue

Who do you know that actually deserves to be bigger than Miley and Justin?  Comment below and be sure to include a website or facebook link so the rest of us can check them out, too.

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