Wednesday, April 29, 2015

A Boring Testimony

I am a Christian.  Some would call it a born again Christian, but I am endeavoring to not get lost in "Christian-ese" lingo.  Basically, there came a point when I made a decision on my own to trust that Jesus is the only one that can save me from the sins I have and will commit. He is the only bridge to the completely pure and holy God of the universe that cannot tolerate any unclean or blemished soul.  Jesus Christ was perfect and therefore made himself a sacrifice for me...a completely wretched, undeserving and fallible person. 

The point I made that decision came when I was 5-years-old.   I was at a vacation Bible school at my little church in small town, Nebraska.  The speaker told the story of a hen that sacrificed it's own life for its baby when a fire came.  The mother hen pushed is offspring under its wing and kept it there while being burned alive. The chick survived and the mother hen died, of course.  It's truly a very simple story, but to my 5-year-old heart on that day, it was the story I needed to hear that would open my heart and my eyes to the love God has for me.  I wasn't into sex, drugs, and rock and roll.  I didn't have a big dramatic conversion experience.  I didn't rebel against my parents. I didn't even drink in high school. I tell you all this to not make me seem like a goody two shoes or holier than though.  We can't all have a dramatic conversion story like the Apostle Paul.  I tell you this to encourage you.  

Perhaps you are looking for something.  You may not even know what your looking for.  Maybe you think in order to find this God that you've heard about that you need to be an addict with all sorts of crazy problems.  Not at all.  All you need is to acknowledge you are a sinner and ask Jesus to forgive you and enter your life.  It doesn't have to meet any sort of dramatic expectation that you might have in your mind.  It's very simple.  

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For those of us who are Christians, I think the "boring" testimony is the one we want our kids to have.  It's my story and it gets me a free relationship with Christ just the same as someone with a more "exciting" story.  It's all about grace and faith and love.

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