Monday, June 27, 2016

Food Fix

Last October, I whined about having to feed my family...everyday.  It's as if it's a surprise they have to eat every day.  It was a plea for assistance because I was having serious anxiety about what I was going to feed my family.  I was hoping that some terrifically with it, full time working parent would have a magical answer for feeding my family that worked in my budget. While I would love to have a personal chef, it is not at all practical as we are working to get out of debt.  

I did have a couple great suggestions, one being to plan for a month or two ahead of time on a calendar, instead of just for the next week.  The idea is sound, but I was having a hard time with prioritizing the planning.  I was so far in the funk of meal planning, I just couldn't make myself do it. Ugh.  Back to square one.  As I was listening to my buddy Dave on the radio (Dave Ramsey), I heard his ad for e-meals again, and decided to give it a look.

I don't normally use my blog as a platform to recommend products or services, but I'm making an exception today because this has been truly helpful to me and my family.  I love  It's an free app on my phone (after I signed up online).  Every week they send me a new menu with different meals.  They have ton of meal plans to choose from.  When I started I chose the Slow Cooker Clean Eating Family plan, but have switched to the regular Clean Eating Family plan (because several of the regular clean eating meals could easily be converted to slow cooker).  You can switch plans anytime.  They have a diabetic plan, a paleo plan, a classic plan, a budget plan, and several more!  It is really simple to add the meals you want to your grocery list.  Here's another feature I love: I can share the recipe with my son or hubby on their phone, so they can have dinner started when they get home before I do.  Hallelujah!!  

 UL robin's egg from

If you ask my family, they like it because I cook different meals.  Everything we have tried has been good.  I get to star my favorites.  I'm not stuck with a meal plan if there is something we don't like.  I would simply switch to another meal or plan.  Or choose from our favorites.  Easy peasy.  My most favorite benefit of using  I don't stress about dinner anymore.  Now you don't have to either.  You're welcome.

Thank you for allowing me to derail for a day on my blog.  I share this because a few of my friends have expressed stress about the same issue, so I thought it might be helpful to others.  I do get a $5 credit for each of you that signs up with the links I have provided above.  You will, too, after you sign up and refer it to your friends.  You're welcome, again.  And the first two weeks are free.  You're welcome for that, too.  It is only $5/month for the service, and well worth it for the stress it relieves. I believe my grocery bill is less, too, because I'm not buying a bunch of extra food that I may or may not use.  I hope it helps you, too.

Make it a beautiful day, friends.

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