Friday, June 24, 2016

Disconnected Discipline

One might say I like my clothes stored a certain way...that may or may not seem a bit boxy.  All the shirts need to hang facing the same way.  Pants are hung so there are no wrinkles.  Sleeping/painting t-shirts are hung separately from regular casual wear t-shirts.  Underwear are on a 3 fold system: right side folded in, left side folded over that, then bottom folded up.  They are just happier laying in the drawer that way.  Bras face up and open in their drawer space, so they don't endure needless stretching...and they last longer.  (I'm a bit on the frugal side of things, remember?)  Even my jammy pants are folded wrinklelessly in their drawer.

I'm not spilling my laundry folding habits to you so you can admire or learn from me, or even so you can tell me I'm a bit cuckoo.  Honestly, I don't like to iron and I don't especially like to be wrinkled.  So why am I divulging my weirdness?  To also confess that my office is a mess.  As in, I don't even work in there because it's so bad.  Before you start thinking I'm a hoarder or neglectful, I will tell you that there is a good reason--everything is covered in drywall dust and it just feels gross to be in that space.  The unfortunate part of the office issue is that it's been that way for months...probably close to 6 or 7...ok.  8 months.  I even had a friend that has been a professional organizer come over and help me map out a plan.  I have a plan for this issue!  I will conquer it...eventually.  I can do the work.  I can finish most of it myself.  Hubby will put up shelves, and then all will be happy and beautiful.  So why isn't it done?

 UL Italian Turquoise

I don't always make myself a priority.  I've heard more than one person talk about self-care as a priority.  I need to take care of my needs or I'll burn out.  Guess what.  Self-care is discipline, too.  It's the same kind of discipline it takes to work a side hustle into the spaces around a full time job.  I have to schedule it.  It's the same kind of discipline it takes to get up a little earlier and write instead of sleeping in.  I have to plan it.  Otherwise, I will be 6, 8, 15 months down the road and nothing will be different, and that's not what I want for any part of my life where I want growth.

Decide today.  Plan today.  Do it.

Make it a beautiful day, friends.

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