Friday, June 10, 2016

Do What You Have To

I am a person of my word.  When I say that I'll be somewhere, I make every effort to be there.  I might be late on occasion, but I'll be there...even if it means wearing a plastic bag on my head.  Now why would someone go anywhere with a plastic bag on their head?  That's a legitimate question.

A couple weeks ago I finally got to partake in my long overdue hair color appointment.  Celebration! It's therapy time--hair therapy, that is.  While I had allowed myself plenty of time, we got started late and then had to do an extra process...long story made short, I was late for my next appointment and my hair was still processing.  I couldn't reschedule my next appointment and I couldn't rinse the treatment out of my hair, so what's a girl to do?  Put a protective bag/shower-cap-thing on my head and go out the door.  That's what you do.  Well, that's what I did, but I don't think most people would have.

Fast forward to the phone call to my kids on the way home...

Me: Hey, Buddy.  I'm on my way.  Please grab my paint supplies by the front door.  And a baseball cap.
Son: A baseball cap?  I thought you just got your hair done.
Me: I did, but it's not done, so please get my baseball cap and be ready.  I'll be there in 3 minutes, and please don't ask questions when you see me.  Just get in the car.
Son: Okay...

We arrived at our destination.  Kids, paint supplies, me and my plastic bag on my head and a baseball cap.  As I asked my kids to help me carry my supplies, I was surprised when they didn't argue.  They gladly agreed to help carry, but then they didn't follow.

"Go ahead, Mom.  We'll be there in a minute." Laughing all the way to the door, I looked back to see they were true to their word.  They waited until I got all the way inside before they exited the car.

 UL cotton candy & mulberry wine

My point in telling you this story is not to reveal what a wonderful time scheduler I am.  I tell on myself so that you can hopefully be encouraged next time you are running late by knowing that at the very least you aren't going to meet someone while wearing a bag on your head.  Or if you do happen to be wearing a bag on your head whilst meeting with a client, take comfort in knowing you are not the only one that has ever done that.  We do what we have to do to work at our dreams.

Make it a beautiful day.  Don't forget to laugh at yourself.

P.S. The client I was meeting with also happened to be a friend...just for the record.

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