Friday, April 15, 2016

When To Be Thankful for Hard Conversations

When restoration is the goal.  When you know you will have a deeper relationship when it's done. When it pushes you past superficial.  When it makes you take a deeper look in the mirror.  Because you'll be stronger on the other side.  Because your relationship will be stronger on the other side. Because you'll be more real with another human being when you get past it.  Because you'll be more real with yourself, too.  Because I love that person despite the hurt my words caused them.  Because it's the right, mature, vulnerable, loving, honest thing to do.

UL spring hyacinth
Get your "strong" expression here.

All these are real reasons why to go have that hard conversation.  I never said it would be easy.  In fact, it will probably be tremendously difficult...but it's so worth it.  I get to talk about this because I got to have 2 of these conversations last week.  I'm not proud that I hurt two of my dearest friends, but I'm glad we are working to make it better.  Truly, it was awful.  And beautiful.  I do not deserve the friends I have.  They are amazing, grace-filled, forgiving people.  Beautiful friends.  Beautiful humans.

Make it a beautiful day.

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