Friday, October 16, 2015

Know You Are Appreciated

Someone sweet and genuine told me that yesterday.  I was in my car at the drive up window at the bank.  She was in the lane next to me.  I don't care where I am when genuine compliments come. They always feel good.  It wasn't just that she said she liked me work that felt so good.  (I'm not knocking that, but it wasn't what really caught my attention this time.) She appreciates me for the vision I have and that my talents are different than hers.

We all have different gifts.  Even if you and I are both artistic, it might look like very different things. You may sculpt.  I paint.  You may paint, too, but completely different style of painting or different medium (type) of paint.  It's really beautiful.  I heard someone talking today saying that if we could appreciate each other more that our lives would turn into a symphony.  Isn't that a beautiful picture?  Each of us playing our own, separate and distinct part, but when combined it becomes a moving song.  

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My husband is creative, but in a very different way than I am.  He can build things and see what needs to happen to make the pieces fit together.  His creativity compliments mine.  He appreciates my creativity, and I appreciate his.  My friend appreciates my creativity, and she told me.  I almost did a fist pump right there in the drive through at the bank because it made me feel so good.

Who will you let know that you appreciate them today?  Has someone done that for you?  Now it's your turn to pay it forward.  Go let someone know how much you genuinely appreciate them.  Smile.  You just made someone's day.

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