Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Whole Room Makeover for $38? Yep.

I might be a bit premature in reporting on this one, but I'm really excited about it so you get to read about it now.  

I have some of the rare vintage of furniture called Early American Hand Me Down Stuff.  Actually, not all of it is hand me down.  Some of it we actually purchased from a real store (and not a garage sale!), but we've been married almost 16 years now, so our tastes have changed a bit.  The problem with that is, well, most of it doesn't match.  It's highly functional and relatively solid, but not so high on the "we'd like to display this piece" scale.  Enter super awesome studness of a husband and a few cans of spray paint.

Here's the before...

Here's the after...

It's quite lovely, I must say.  He did the same thing to the really scratched up coffee table, and the set of end tables that matched each other, but nothing else.  Guess what.  Now they all match and have a modern, shiny espresso finish.  Yay!  It's not completely finished yet...  I still need to recover the cushions from this... (which was fantastic and beautiful for the hours and hours and hours that I spent rocking my children in it, but now...)

And here is the after material:

Yay!  Neutral and easy to clean.  Here's the coffee table:

I don't have a before picture from the coffee table because it was just that bad.  (Actually, my hubby is too fast.  He was half way done painting before I realized what he was doing.)  Just imagine the color close to the rocking chair, but more orange and way more scuffed.  Those are not scuffs in that picture.  It's the wood grain showing through again.  It's quite lovely.  Now to get rid of the pine green couch...

The final touch to the table will be this little guy:

 cafe label. Jen's Walls Talk

It will be white.  I'll post more pictures when it's done.  The fun thing about paint is that you see the results immediately.  It's unlike retexturing (which I have going on in another room) that is a process...first coat, second coat, sand smooth, third coat, sand, add texture, refine, and finally paint.  I love new texture and will be stoked when it's done, but it doesn't all happen in a matter of hours.  Adding vinyl is the same way as paint: instant results.  

All this painting of my mismatched furniture took place in just a few hours and for less than $40.  It really ties everything together and is creating an atmosphere of flow and calm rather than crazy and discombobulated.  I love it!

What simple things have you done in your home that were inexpensive and made a big impact?  Comment below.

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