Monday, February 9, 2015

How Facebook Lies

I must start by admitting that Facebook can be a great tool for a lot of different reasons. I get it.  You can promote your business.  You can connect with long lost friends before your 20th reunion.  You can even post prayer needs and ask others to pray for you.  All great things, indeed. You can also share podcasts, links, websites, or memes that you find particularly compelling or inspiring.  Again, that is completely positive and on the up and up.  However...

Since we are soooo inundated with social media everywhere and all the time, it seems that the once catchy and clever headline that got our attention 3 years ago no longer does.  As a result, we make even more sensationalized headlines that are maybe having to do with the actual topic, but not completely and exactly on par with what we thought we were getting.  It's a bit of a lie, I'd say.  But we fall for it...every time.  I find myself getting sucked into the weird headlines, too. "500 pound woman keeps eating and grows a third arm out the side of her head!" You've seen it.  You know what I'm talking about.  

The problem is that we get used to such craziness.  It numbs us to the fun in simple things.  The joy in simple things.

Today's call to action is to slow down just a bit.  Forget about all the craziness out there for just a minute.  Take a deep breath.  Thank God that you have breath to take deeply.  Enjoy it.  It is so simple a thing: breathing.  Yet without it we die.  It gives provides life to our body.  It nourishes our cells.

Now go enjoy the simple things in your life.  Your child's laughter.  Your dog's excitement to see you at the end of the day.  The simple pleasure of food.  Your spouse's smile.  These things are what life is made of.  Enjoy the simple things.

What are your simple things you've noticed today?  Comment below.

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