Monday, January 26, 2015

Get It All Done!

As long as I'm alive, I don't think I'll get everything done that I need to get done.  There's always something that needs doing.  That's a good thing, right?  Some things are more important than others. The kids to need to eat...everyday even.  Who knew?  (Hopefully you caught the sarcasm there.) My husband likes to wear clean socks.  After all, you can only turn socks inside out 1 time.  Underwear can go at least 2 times, though...inside out, front to the back, etc.  totally kidding. (See "Laundry Today or Naked Tomorrow" from last week.) We all need to do laundry sometimes.

The truth is we all have a lot going on.  As I write this, I work a full time job outside the home, I have a growing business, I have a family that is growing up (though not growing in number!), a husband, a home (that is still being remodeled), a blog that I just started, a quickly approaching black belt test to study for, a small group Bible study...and the list goes on and on and on.   But I love it!  It's all hard.  I'm not going to pretend for a second that it's always easy.  I do say no to some things.  I have a wise friend tell me once that my yes's mean more when sprinkled with no's.  (I really don't say yes to everything--even though my husband might think so.)  I've heard John Maxwell say that a big part of being successful is learning to manage several things happening at the same time.  It doesn't automatically make you successful if you have a lot going on, though.  Sometimes it's just being busy to be busy.

Sometimes we need to give up the pressing to deal with the important.  That's what I think this expression is talking about.  Mopping floors and cleaning overs are things that should be done from time to time, but it's more important to take time to be with our kids.  Sometimes we need to let the floors get a bit dirtier than we'd like them to be, the dirty dishes get stacked a bit higher than is probably safe, and the trash a little smellier than we'd like to have in doors...but our kids will feel loved because we went to the park for a bit, we read a book together, or we cooked a meal together.

I honestly feel most happy as a family unit when we're doing chores together.  When I was growing up, we had horses.  One thing I used to do was to go clean corrals with my mom after school.  We raked.  We scooped.  We talked.  When I'm cooking dinner and my kids are unloading the clean dishes, we're just being a family.  We're loving each other as we serve each other.  We're laughing and hanging out and just getting to know each other.  This is just a season.  Sooner than I'd like, my kids will be out of the house and on their own.  When that happens I'll be glad I took the time to hang out with them now.  I love this clock set as a reminder of that.

How do you like to spend time/love with your family?  Comment below.

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