Thursday, October 27, 2016

Why is Money More Private Than Our Body?

Marriages can fail for any number of reasons, but statistics show that money issues are often a contributing factor to marital strife.  That's part of the reason why my hubby and I continue to work on that particular area of our marriage.  We want all facets and areas to be stronger and smoother functioning.  It will never be perfect--we're human, after all--but we want our marriage to be the best it can be.

I was recently having a conversation with a lovely friend who happens to be in her second marriage. She made a comment about she and her hubby having separate money on this go round.  It got me thinking.  This is not the first time I've heard someone say they have separate money from a spouse or significant other.  This couple appears to be doing well with money and marriage; planning, communicating, living life together.  While I know it's never safe to assume that everything is 100% perfect all the time (because no marriage is), it works for them. 

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For the pirate or the private person in your life, this expression is perfect!

So here's my question: when a couple is married and shares every other facet of their person and life (i.e. food, home, children, family, their body), why keep finances separate?  I'm asking because I really don't know the answer.  I get that it's hard to combine on the logistical side of things, and perhaps a previous spouse or partner was unfaithful financially, or any other number of issues.  I get that.  But you're sharing your most intimate physical self when you are in a marital relationship, so why not share money, too?

I don't have an answer or advice on this one.  I'm throwing it out there for someone smarter than I to answer.  I'd love to hear some different thoughts.  Feel free to comment below.

Make it a beautiful day, friends.

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