Friday, October 14, 2016

Little Wins

We're doing this thing.  For real this time.  We've been poking at our debt for quite some time least a couple years anyway.  And now it's time to get it taken of.  This week we fully paid off our first little snowball piece in full.  The next piece will be done soon, but we're holding back a little due to my son fracturing his foot a month or so ago.  We still have bills coming in for that, so we're stock piling a little while we wait for those to all arrive, then we'll continue to pick up more on our snowball.  

Here's the thing: we're not going to be perfect because life happens.  As I was driving with my daughter in the car today, she was telling me about her multiplication test.  When I started to congratulate her on her growth, she hesitated.  She wasn't sure I should congratulate her because she got a less than perfect score, but a year and half ago, she was struggling to get half way finished on a very similar test.  This time she got a 99% correct!  That's a victory and a huge one, at that.

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What do multiplication tests and personal finances have in common?  In both cases, we need little victories along the way.  Without them, it's a whole lot easier to give up at whatever endeavor we're working at.   Embrace the little victories and keep moving.  Keep growing. Embrace and enjoy the process.  

What hard thing are you working at right now?  Find the little victory to celebrate, then keep moving forward.

Make it a beautiful day, friends.

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