Monday, March 14, 2016

Embrace Your Inner Weirdo

Since I posted this post a few weeks ago, I keep hearing this phrase at my house:
"That's because I'm your daughter, Mom, right?" and other variations of that phrase.
As in, "Hey, Mom.  I just did something goofy that perhaps made me stand out, so that must mean I'm weird like you, right?" Yep.  That's my kiddo.  Why be normal?  It's as if I gave my girl permission to be a herself again.  She's the girl that is goofy and silly and adorable and confident. 

She's always been funny, but somewhere along the way, one of her peers told her she wasn't funny...and she believed it.  Some other girl literally told her, "B, you're not funny." As much as I wanted to go mamma bear on that girl, I knew that wouldn't be helpful in the long run.  We can't attack everyone that says something negative or hurtful to us.  At some point we have to develop a thicker skin and not take stock in what a hater says.  I get that not everyone understands my "highly developed sense of humor"...a.k.a. super dry humor.  But it's part of who I am, so I'm not planning to change it anytime soon.  It's part of my inner weirdo.

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We all feel like a weirdo at times, if we're being honest, but that doesn't mean it's wrong.  Be who God created you to be...not who the world tells you that you should be--the world is more confused than you are and the world certainly doesn't know who you should be.

Go be you.  Be the you God created you to be.  Make it a beautiful day, friends.

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