Monday, December 19, 2016

What Did You Ask for 10 Years Ago?

At my gathering of friends for my birthday-ness, one of my friends asked me about the highlights of the last decade. I'm sometimes hesitant to pull up to the bragtable, but I do believe it's good to reflect and see how far we've come, on occasion.  

My list accomplishments that I'm proud of could go on, but it wasn't until a week after my party that one of my friends pointed out something else that I have accomplished in the last decade: friendships. This particular friend, I have known since I was about 12. She reminded me of a conversation we had about 10 years ago. I was a stay at home mom and we had just moved back to the area and I was looking for relationship with depth and accountability and honesty. I had a few friendships that were close-ish, but I was desiring the next level in friendship and spiritual growth.

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Through a series of circumstances, we ended up with a small group Bible study...that we're still a part of. Some of the faces have changed and there are some newer ones I've also grown to love, but these are my core people. We've even split a couple times because we were too large, but I still love all of  the people. They are the ones that tell me when I'm having unreasonable expectations of myself. They're the ones that will stop what they're doing to pray with me. They're the ones who bring me a coffee and a hug just because.  Ten years later, I'm glad we made the choice to find our people.

I know without a doubt that God brought each of these people into our life. He knew exactly what I needed to stretch, grow, challenge, and encourage me. That safe place to be vulnerable and honest has made me better at other relationships, too. My point is that it was a choice to put ourselves out there.  It was a choice to be vulnerable and willing to develop relationships...and I'm so thankful we did.

Make it a beautiful day, friends.

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