Friday, December 16, 2016

Rootin', Tootin' Flutin'

I played the flute all through school.  I won't say that I was exceptional, but I was good and more than anything, I enjoyed it.  

Last year, being the musical creature God made her to be, my daughter started to play flute, too. She was good, and, of course, a natural. Long fingers, great rhythm, and an amazing ear for all things musical, it was no surprise when she quickly picked it up.  Tonight, I was so proud to witness the legacy continuing.

It's the time of year for winter recitals, so away we went to watch our girl do her thing. Of course, every parent was proud of their child. They all did well. But I was especially proud to see how confident she was as she played in a duet and a solo that she volunteered for.  Volunteered. My baby girl who likes to think she's shy, but then has these glimpses of sparkle that break out every now and then.  It's really beautiful! She's amazing!

 color: UL Italian Turquoise

I appreciate your letting me brag on my kiddo for a moment, but I want you to understand something else about this little recital: she wasn't amazing just because she practiced. She was amazing because the music was in her and she couldn't help but let it out. She is living in and expressing her gifting. What kind of glow do you have when you're living in your purpose? What's in you?  Who were you created to be? 

Make it a beautiful day, friends.

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