Friday, December 11, 2015

I Just Fired My Kids: Part 2

Three months ago, I fired my kids.  (More on that here.) It's been interesting since then.  Their initial response was to literally follow me and take the trash bag out of my hands, or come finish whatever particular chore I was doing for them.  As expected, that lasted for about 2 days.  They were running on emotion--namely guilt.

Unfortunately, chores still need to be done...They still have to do them, but now they don't get paid at all.  Fast forward to a week ago.  My daughter decided she needed money.  A month ago, I asked her how she felt about being fired and not having any money.  Her response? Eh. She said. No big deal...until she REALLY wanted to buy something.

 I noticed she started writing down her chores on her chore chart again.  What was she doing as she stealthily walked by me. "I'm just marking my chores on my chart--even though I won't get paid for them." Hello, sarcasm. Yep. She's my daughter. We then discussed how she would need to reapply for the job she got fired from. Why should we hire her when we already fired her?  (Here's why.)

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Well, needless to say, she made a good case for herself. She was rehired. Then I queried as to what she needed the money for.  Christmas gifts.  I probably would have given her some money for that, but then this opportunity would have been lost. She had finally made the connection that in order to have money, she needed to work. Breakthrough! I was glad I kept my mouth shut. She spent her own hard earned money to buy a gift for her brother. How cool is that?

Every now and again well have an aha moment.  When is the last time you had a breakthrough?

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